The Wells County Radio Club repeaters:

As of 12/21/2020 all repeaters have a tone of 141.3.

147.060 +offset W9SR-141.3

145.420 -offset AB9HP-tone-141.3

443.875 +offset AB9HP-tone 141.3

2 Responses to Repeaters

  1. Jim H Monagle says:

    Do you guys use DMR on or off your repeater? Is anyone interested in installing either a 6M FM or 29.6-29.7 FM repeater? Or even one of the inexpensive Bridgecom 1.25 M repeaters? Please respond when convienent. Oi! Jimbo K7ZZA 🍀

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  2. rickve60 says:

    Hi Jim, I dont believe anyone in the club uses DMR ,our next club Meeting if you like will be at 223 W Washington street here in Bluffton at the Annex Building to talk over this. Not that we wont, has been talked about . We have also talked about a 6 meter repeater. and or 10 m, Have not followed through as of yet, You may join us.


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