Here is the membership list of the Wells County Amateur Radio Club and their call signs:

Title Name Call Sign
President Rick Velasquez AB9HP
Vice President Jon Smith KB9LYB
Secretary Rob Evans KD9DLC
Treasurer Gene Valovich KD9AKA
Members Name Call Sign
Neil Ainslie KC9VRR
Russell Ainslie KC9VRQ
Ken Baker N9CEW
Stephen Butler WD9SPB
Larry Clifford WD9FAI
Rob Evans KD9DLC
Wayne Grove K9SLQ
Dewey Jacks KC9SYJ
Dylan McIntosh KD9BWE
Dewayne Oakes KC9ZAH
Ben Osborn KC9VKP
Carolyn Osborn KA9JCV
Jon Smith KB9LYB
Joe Stroud K9MRI
Dick Stroud W9SR
Tom Wade N9CBC
Sylvia Wann WD9IZY
Gene Valovich KD9AKA
Rick Velasquez AB9HP

 Jack Rhinehart                                                           KD9KPI

ARLIN SPRINGER                                                         KD9MJN

LAURA AINSLIE                                                           KD9OFO

HILARY HABEGGER                                                    K8SKS

TIFFANY GEPHART                                                      KD9OKU

OLLIE GEPHART                                                           KD9OKV

WILEY RABURN JR                                                       KD9OFR

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  1. dawallace63 says:

    I never knew that there was a website for the club…….


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