Bi-annual repeater check up

When daylight savings time springs forward in the beginning of each year, It reminds us its time to change or check the batteries of our smoke detectors as well as an important check in the club’s emergency communication readiness. Also time for the bi-annual check of  the power supply on the club’s primary repeater found on 147.060 MHZ. with 141.3 tone. The repeater is housed in the Wells County Courthouse’s clock tower.


So Jon (KB9LYB), Larry (WD9FAI), Russell (KC9VRQ), and Dylan (KD9BWE) entered the clock tower in the Wells County Courthouse and climbed up to the repeater to check batteries, their voltage and ensure that the charger is still operating. Everything looked good when the group was there and they took some time to look around at the clock components that the club’s repeater has operated next to for years.


It was a very impressive sight to see the behind the scenes looks of the clock that has become the iconic symbol of Bluffton, Indiana.

IMG_5086IMG_5085  IMG_5087 IMG_5088

Fortunately, this was an easy check as everything remained working as intended. When the time falls back, we will be back up there again to check their status. We invite any club member to join us to learn how to check the repeater’s batteries and see the repeater setup that we use on a weekly basis.


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